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Please read the Terms of Use carefully before registering or using the service. If you do not accept the terms of use, the service is not open to you. These terms will be subject to any changes made by GOODDR at any time and may be effective upon publication. Your continual use of the Service means that you are in a position to agree on the changes which have been made.


Use of the service. You may use the Service only for your personal use and may not use it for commercial purposes and subject to the Terms of Use, all applicable laws, regulations and the applicable terms of third parties.


Registration. You can use the service without registration, but in order to obtain some convenience of the service, it is recommended to register the account. Your account can be used for your personal use, can not be authorized or transferred to others . All registration information should be true and effective, but not fraud. Please protect your password properly, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble.


Acceptable usage policy, which provides you with the opportunity to share ideas, information and materials with others. GOODDR wants users to respect each other. Please inform GOODDR if you find any action that violates acceptable usage policies or other user's unreasonable behavior. E-mail: renew@gooddr.com


You are responsible for the content of the information you post to others and agree that GOODDR is not responsible for the content posted by other users.


The following is an example of a prohibited content. The compliance with the rules will be determined unilaterally by GOODDR. In the absence of restrictions, you are not allowed to post or deliver the following to other users:


including slander, abuse, pornography, disrespect or offensive behaviors;


infringement of intellectual property rights of other parties (such as music, images, photographs or other materials not authorized in writing by others);


infringement of any party's public or privacy rights;


harassment with a threat, incitement to racism, paranoia or damage to others or collective interests;


inaccurate, false or any misinterpretation of unlawful or incitement of unlawful conduct;


illegal or unauthorized copying of copyrighted works of others, or the provision of information in order to circumvent security measures;


including obscure implicit information;


Programs that contain software viruses, other computer code, documents, ones designed to interrupt, destroy, or restrict the functionality of computer software, hardware or telecommunications equipment, including advertisements, promotional materials, "spam", "email advertising", "chain Letter ", or other various forms of lobbying.


You may choose not to fill in the panelists’ telephone, street address, surnames, email address, work information or any third party non-public information.


GOODDR is under no obligation to monitor the filtered content, but with the right can review information according to the usage policies. GOODDR owns the right to decide the content. We may include, edit, or remove information without any prompts.


You should be aware that when you use the service, you will be exposed to a variety of resource channels where GOODDR is not responsible for the accuracy, validity, security, or intellectual property of the information. You know that the information you are facing may be inaccurate, offensive and offensive. If you are extremely disgusted, this service is not recommended.


You cannot use spiders, robots Protocol, data mining techniques or other automated process classification, downloading or reproduction, storage or distribution of resources. In addition you cannot make unauthorized use of the services, nor to resell services to third parties.


Termination of access: in accordance with the Terms of Use or Acceptable Use Policy, in addition to the rights and remedies, we may terminate your account at any time by reason or by reason of notice or without notice. In addition to some legitimate legal channels, we may provide your personal and other information to the legal authorities.


Your authorized right to GOODDR to use, edit, reprint, print or display the content or nickname, including related content about intellectual property right publicized on known or unknown media without your consent.


game. We will organize races or raffles from time to time. Races and raffle events will have their own rules and participation conditions. Participation in races or lucky draws accords with the relevant rules and satisfies the appropriate conditions.


Privacy. It’s very important for us to protect your personal information. To know more about our use of information, please refer to our policy policy.


Link. The service link will connect to other websites. We kindly remind you that when you leave our service, read the relevant terms and regulations and visit each website for privacy instructions. We are not responsible for the description of other home networks. Although there are other links on our service, we do not support or be affiliated with other third parties.




无担保。服务包括通过服务提供或通过服务访问的所有内容,“按原样”提供,我们不对服务内容提供任何种类的陈述或保证。此外,在法律允许的范围内,我们不提供任何明示或暗示的保证,包括但不限于非侵权,标题,适销性或特定用途的适用性。我们不保证服务中包含的功能或其中包含的任何材料或内容完全安全,不间断或无错误,我们会修正错误,服务或服务器提供的服务不含病毒或其他有害组件。我们不对使用服务,包括但不限于内容和第三方提供的任何错误承担责任。在任何情况下,对任何直接,间接,特殊,偶发或其他相应损害,损失利润,丢失数据,丢失机会,保证金成本,侵权,合同,严格责任或其他法律或公平理论 ,惩戒惩罚,个人伤害/欺诈性死亡,无论何种情况,无论我们是否已被告知此类损害的可能性,本协议均不包括这些损失。


If for any reason it is found that any of these warranty disclaimers or any part of the limitation of liability is invalid or unenforceable, or if we are deemed to be responsible to you in any way, it will be held accountable in accordance with the relevant law.


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